The first workshop of the NCT nXt Mekong 2016 workshops series has successfully started in Hanoi, Vietnam on October 31st.
A total of 50 representatives of the Vietnam’s People’s Army Military Medical Department, Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS), Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Health, Search and Rescue Committee, Chemical Corps, Ministry of Defense, the Military Chemical and Environmental Department and international industry expert joined NCT nXt Vietnam.
NCT nXt Vietnam consisted of two parallel workshops: one focusing purely on Military operations in CBRN scenarios and one on Civil-Military cooperation in CBRN response.
Session topics ranged from ‘Detecting and Monitoring CBRNe agents’ and ‘Medical response to Radiological and Nuclear Incidents’ to ‘Developments of Decontamination.’ Each session closed with lively scenario discussions, in which the Vietnamese military and civil responders and international experts from Bruker, Heyltex, Veredus, OWR and Homeland DefSec, discussed for instance the Dirty Bomb scenario and the importance of the availability of medical CBRN counter-measurements.
The NCT nXt Mekong workshops in Southeast Asia serve as a preparation for the NCT Asia 2016 conference, taking place from 8-10 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After NCT nXt Vietnam, NCT nXt Laos takes place in Vientiane on 2 November and NCT nXt Cambodia in Phnom Penh on 4 November.