IB Consultancy is proud to announce that the Live Capability Demonstration on November 8, 2016 will be held in cooperation with the Science & Technology Research Institute for Defence (STRIDE), the Fire & Rescue Department Malaysia (HAZMAT & CBRNe), the Royal Police of Malaysia, a CBRN Unit (PNBK) of the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Selayang Hospital, Ministry of Health.

The Live Demonstration will take place at the Selayang Hospital and features a scenario of a CBRN agent and IEDs and the appropriate response of the local HAZMAT and CBRNe teams as well as first responders. Participating forces will showcase their equipment and different approaches to deal with explosive threats and CBRNe response.

IB Consultancy is positive that the Live Capability Demonstration will provide a great kick-off for the two following days of conference & exhibition.

NCT Asia 2016 will again be Asia’s largest CBRNe, C-IED and EOD event – connecting leading international experts, regional decision-makers and civil and military responders. Don’t miss the chance to meet relevant contacts and register now for NCT Asia 2016. Please contact us for any further information on the event via [email protected].