IB Consultancy is pleased to confirm 80 participants for the NCT nXt Workshop in Hanoi, including 50 participants from the Vietnamese People’s Army.

NCT nXt is the next level of supporting the CBRNe community with knowledge and experience. NCT nXt events are small scale events focused on developing a CBRNe capability within a single country or city. The event will host presentations by a variety of local and national stakeholders presenting both their current capabilities and their ambition to develop a future capability. Participating companies will present on products and solutions that can be used and implemented by the host country or city to develop their capabilities to the level of ambition they have. Furthermore, companies can present on the experiences they have and lessons they have learnt from comparable projects in other regions.

Instead of a full event with exhibition, we invite our sponsors and exhibitors of NCT Asia 2016 to join us on a road trip to the Mekong. In each country we host workshop with end users to discuss their needs and requirements. During breaks and the (seated) lunch, there is plenty of time to network and build relationships. Each workshop ends with a hosted dinner. Starting with two workshops in Hanoi Vietnam (80 Vietnamese delegates confirmed) on October 31st, the NCT nXt delegation will continue to Vientianne (Laos) on November 2nd and end in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

For more information, feel free to download the NCT nXt Mekong Workshop brochure by clicking here.